ArtRage Studio Pro Demo 3.0.8

Get your artistic juices flowing on canvas

If you want to recreate an accurate artistic drawing environment on your PC then you can't do much better than ArtRage. View full description


  • Authentic canvas look and feel
  • Lots of effects and touches to choose from
  • More user friendly and less clinical than Photoshop


  • Tools, stencils and adding layers limited in demo

Very good

If you want to recreate an accurate artistic drawing environment on your PC then you can't do much better than ArtRage.

ArtRage faithfully recreates the effect of drawing on canvas with the drawing board taking-up your whole screen. Tools such as pencil, airbrush, chalk and paintbrush are all easily available but whichever one you use, it is the realistic canvas feel which really impresses. The latest release has been improved further with the addition of watercolor, text, and sticker spray editing options. Optimally, ArtRage would be best utilized with a drawing tablet but without one, its still pretty good.

If you haven't got a steady hand, then ArtRage even lets you cheat by tracing around real images. Indeed, the attention to detail goes as far as allowing you to experiment with metallic paint for gold leafing, sprinkling glitter and filling in large areas with the paint roller. Smudging and smearing also add to the impressive artistic touches possible with this app.

The main frustration with ArtRage is simply that many of the mouthwatering features are only available in the full version which you have to purchase and this demo will only give you a flavor of what it can really offer.

ArtRage is an excellent artists application which brings a more authentic artistic experience for purists.


  • We are happy to announce the immediate availability of ArtRage Studio & ArtRage Studio Pro 3.0.8.
  • This update includes a range of features requested by users and fixes to problems that were encountered in previous builds. All current registered owners of ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro can use their Member Area account to download and install the latest version for free.
  • If you own either product but have not yet registered it in the Member Area please visit and log in (or create an account if you have not already done so), then use the My Products page to register your product's Serial Number. Once that is done, you will have access to free product updates.
  • If you are unsure as to whether there is a newer version than your current one available, please select 'ArtRage News & Updates' from the product's Help Menu and an online check will let you know if there is a later version available.
  • Many thanks to everyone who made suggestions or helped us locating the cause of problems, and special thanks to all the beta testers who worked with us during the development process to get the new build ready.
  • Features:
  • Cursor Opacity: At the request of a number of screencasting or video painting users, the Precise Cursor now has an Opacity slider so you can make it completely invisible. OS Arrow cursors etc. will still be visible.
  • Sticker Shadows: Sticker sheets now have a Shadow toggle that can be used to turn off the shadow on stickers you place individually by peeling from the sheet. When sticker sheets are created they can have the Shadow toggle set OFF, when the sheet is opened for use the toggle reflects the original sheet's preference.
  • Wintab Toggle: Added a 'Use Wintab' toggle to the Input Preferences panel on Windows. Users who have problems due to the interaction of Wintab and Ink Services can now tell ArtRage to ignore Wintab in cases where it causes an issue. Previously, users could only ignore Ink Services.
  • Ink Pen Tapering: Added Tapering to the Inking Pen. The tapering option allows you to automatically replace the pressure curve of the ink pen with a smooth tapered result when auto-correction happens at the end of the stroke. This feature comes to you courtesy of the ArtRage for iPad development process.
  • Clear: The Edit Menu now has a 'Clear' option that is active when there is a selection set, it clears the contents of the selection. Feel free to assign Delete to it in the shortcuts panel, or reset your shortcuts to default and it will be auto-assigned.
  • Presets: ArtRage tracks the current selected preset and no longer deactivates its highlight when you change brush size. This means that the preset you selected will remain lit up until you make a change to the general settings of the tool.
  • OS X QuickView: After installing the new version application and opening it once, PTG files will be previewable using the Quick View option in OS X.
  • Fixes:
  • Color Blending: Fixed a bug that could introduce blue in to greyscale blending with the oil and other tools.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented layers properly saving their Use Canvas Texture flag.
  • Ensured that if a preset has been selected for a tool, when opening the presets panel for that tool it will be visible in the list.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented resource panel tile highlights going brighter to display the text over them if the UI tint was too low in luminance.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ArtRage to prevent OS X shutdown if it was open and no changes had been made to the painting.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the 'type' of certain tools being highlighted in the settings panel when the UI tint was grey (eg. type of selection shape and construction mode).
  • Corrected a problem in the manual's description of the Transform tool.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause layer group duplication or incorrect layer stack placement after undoing then redoing adding a layer group.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when launching ArtRage by double clicking a PTG file that had the Polygonal Selection tool selected when saved.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting a custom picker from disk when it was visible in the picker collection, then clicking it in the collection again.
  • Fixed a bug that caused problems with the Width/Height values in the Crop/Resize panel when adjusting the Percentage size of an image in Print Mode.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Color Picker to lose Saturation value after closing and reopening when 0 luminance colours were selected.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ArtRage to fail to save its preferences on OSX if the app closed due to an OS reboot rather than the user manually quitting.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Dutch being selected automatically when automatic language selection is on and Dutch is the OS language.


ArtRage Studio Pro Demo 3.0.8

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